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 Post that i amde in another forum as a suggestion for game development, tell me your toughts etc

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PostSubject: Post that i amde in another forum as a suggestion for game development, tell me your toughts etc   Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:26 pm


well your options are:
A SP/MP mod for(PCM=Partial Conversion Mod):
Halo Custom edition
Crysis 1 (1.5 is sh*t)
HL2(source is quite good once you get used to it)


TCM(Total Conversion Mod):

reason i say crysis is because: with the editor everything is all together for you. everything can be dropped in and tested right in editor b4 you compile the map,and if you can run it at least on low/medium we can make a nice mod or total conversion. the reason i say this is because if we do a sp/mp mod, we can do it with no license(no money paid but no money made, but you get great publicity). Realize reason most pll cant run crysis is that the sheer amount of entities with individual physics, high detail shaders etc is so high most pc commit suicide at launch. BUT if we make a not so uber sp mod, well most ppl might be able to run it, defiantly faster then normal crysis. now don't take your final decision on me, because im no expert, but even thou u ed has alot of stuff, crysis editor has 100X better things(full terrain modeling, entity placing,weather system,ai control,path control,etc) right in the same program, no need to swap back and forth, and once you export to engine the first time(this only has to be done once, once you create your terrain or do any major overhauls on the levels), you can test your things RIGHT IN THE EDITOR at a press of a button(its usually ctrl g or just g). ill get more info if you would like, and once i get on other pc ima go back to making a nice map. but if you want a free open source engine, well ill research on it. some that you can look into:

list of free open source game engines:

i haven't had too much experience with alot of them, just checked them out, i might make my "game" a crysis sp/mp mod, then market it or make it a standalone if i gather enough interest. i suggest you do the same(aka make a sp/mp mod of a existing game that lets you do it, and if you get enough interests well then go bigger, as you might get a company interested and thus get sponsored or license fee waived until income from game is high enough to pay for it at a percentage). but im just one person with 1 opinion, do some research with the Open Sourced engines and such. my xfire is stuntzoom if you so wish to contact me.

>>>i use max 8,2009,and 2010 (v8 for halo custom mapping and modding and making weapons etc,2009 at school, and 2010 at home)
>>>what exactly is your plan for your game. aka , weapon variety, physics variety as in simple, medium, or advanced physics of having objects that are very breakable and interactive elements in level],gfx ability[as in how far are you willing to push it, remember if you want it mainstream it is totally different from "uberstream"pretty much ppl with pcs like mine or better],ai functionshow smart(or stupid) is the ai,are they smart enough to figure out to points by themselves without getting stuck ina doorway,or falling into a pit, or just wandering aimlessly...or do you want a bit too smart and realistic ai, like crysis where they get scared,angry,and in one case i scared one to his death((cloak mode plus random twig on ground= npc turning around too fast and falling to his death, scaring the crap out of npcs at bottom of cliff))],length of game, how long is it, you don't want a quickie game, but also don't want a game that takes ages to complete, UNLESS say its a like the halo 1 campaign,where it builds on the story of halo[Color=red]note: i hate halo, halo ce doesn't count, and i kinda like odst for the firefight...otherwise i hate halo lol]],and last but not least, what audience, member alot of ppl thing all revolvers,pistols,etc are the same, and then there are ppl like me who will tell you if something doesn't look right with eh weapon or its unrealistic[one reason i hate halo]. more ranting to come at a later

again srry for long ars post.
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Post that i amde in another forum as a suggestion for game development, tell me your toughts etc
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