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 We now fukin support Land of the Dead!!!

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PostSubject: We now fukin support Land of the Dead!!!   Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:45 pm

yes you hear me right you freaking bastards, we support that old school zombie wasting game. head over to the Land of the dead thread under "Games we support" section and either download the basic version, or the one that has 632+ maps in it.

MP has: different game modes, unlike other shooters not only do u fight others but u fight them buggers that try to eat ur flesh. examples:

TDM: u have red vs blue vs zombies!
DM: you vs everyone vs ZOMBIES!
CTF: same as tdm but ctf style, with ZOMBIES!

(if u haven't noticed the trend yet, you are a fukin idiotic bastard....)

other game modes include(but not limited to since mods):
infection: u try to last as long as possible, if bit u start turning into zombie unless u find a kit(not ll maps have kits)
**i don't remember the others but there are more, and modded maps have custom guns/skins so all guns from sidearms to heavy weapons are used. yes its old, yes its not "l4d" but w/e i use dot love this game until i lost the files. ENJOY IT U BASTARDS!
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We now fukin support Land of the Dead!!!
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